Scanavo’s reception, 23 September 2016

25 years ago, I set up a company on my own. I had five years of valuable experience from a VHS Box manufacturing company in Copenhagen. While I was finishing my Bachelor in Business Administration, I was planning how to get started with Scanavo. (It was a lot more fun to plan the Scanavo Launch than it was to study economy at school).

In July of 1991, it was time to kick off from a basement room in the Freeport of Copenhagen. I was lucky enough to set up a partnership with AVOPLAST. An Amsterdam-based company headed by Mr. Wilmink. I enjoyed good commercial and financial support from this company. Wilmink believed in me, he was entertained by my immediacy and loved the enthusiasm and eagerness driving me. I remember when Wilmink entered the small humble basement office, he said “This is Perfect”. Nursing at this time of a business startup is appreciated.

In 1997, an opportunity to make a setup in North America occurred and shortly after Scanavo North America Ltd. was established in a partnership with my great cousin Kim Sorensen. The establishment of our North American arm soon turned out to be a success. In addition, Kim made us think bigger; he saw the opportunity in every difficulty, and he still does.
In 1998, we created our first DVD case and a few years later; all 6000 Blockbuster stores in North America had our DVD cases from floor to ceiling. (Being in the right place at the right time).

In 2002, we established our supply chain and sales office in Hong Kong. This business was set up by Karsten Normann, who has been running this entity since. Through this office, we entered the market in the Asia Pacific region and grew to be a global supplier of packaging to the most exciting industry in the world.

In 2004, a partnership with Glud & Marstrand, a Nordic based company, at that time owned by Lego® and today owned by Envases Universales, was created. Glud & Marstrand is the manufacturer of SteelBook®. With Glud & Marstrand, we have built the only global consumer brand within packaging for Movies and Games.
Over the years, a crowd of fantastic and enthusiastic people has driven Scanavo.
A part of our DNA is that we are and want to be a multicultural crowd. Today, we employ people with 15 nationalities. I am so proud of the team and without a doubt, the team is our biggest asset.

For the last decade, we have been running the business in a declining market, yet we have found niches of growths. Scanavo has been growing its gross profit for 25 consecutive years, and YES, we intend to continue to do so. We will continue to explore the opportunities in our “home market” and we will and are entering new markets. We have a plan, and it is a good one. Stay tuned.

The success continues

It is amazing to see how SteelBook® Editions is something which collectors and consumers are searching specifically for and these days it is standard for most retailers to feature SteelBook® releases as a main product which has its own SteelBook® section.
Amazon is one of our biggest retailers and in some territories SteelBook® is one of the most searched for words together with DVD, Playstation and I phone.
We have consumers writing to us asking us to verify that a given title is coming out in an original SteelBook® and not a copycat product and Disney told us that they can only upcharge the product if it is a real SteelBook® case. Otherwise consumers do not want to pay the extra Euros.
We believe a lot of this hype goes hand in hand with the transition from physical to digital – people do still like to own physical stuff, but it needs to be unique and high quality. There is a long list of fan sites that appreciate and tweet about the SteelBook® Editons being offered globally and here you can read what is driving this with the exact word from John ’Wreck’ Whitley who is managing one of the major sites,
Hi-Def Ninja.

The future is bright

Our vision is to continue to grow our partnerships in the media, leisure and gift industries. We are excited at the prospect of entering into new markets where our enthusiasm, experience and creativity can create value-added solutions.
In the leisure industry, we are using our knowhow from the entertainment industry to create products for Gift Cards, Gift Experience and Gift packaging.
Red Balloon in Australia is one our many partners and they have had great success with our SteelBook® products.

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