Dreadout 2 Launch Edition

From Concept to Creation: SURVIVE THE DREAD
The process of Creating a Collector’s Edition within 2 months!


Dreadout Launch Edition. Photo of closed outer box.


Here at Scanavo, we love a challenge. So when Soft Source Pte Ltd Singapore, Asia’s premier video game distributor, approached us with the task of bringing the Dreadout 2 Launch Edition to life in just two months, we were all in.

Besides the short timeframe, Scanavo also had to create this Collectors Edition from scratch. From initial concept to final product, it makes Dreadout Launch Edition the fastest Collectors Edition Scanavo has ever created! Exciting and very satisfying to complete.

Ultimately, this was only possible cause of the talent, dedication, and teamwork of everyone involved in this project. Thank you!


Dreadout Launch Edition beauty shoot


Finally, let us take a closer look at what is inside the Dreadout 2 Launch Edition:



Dreadout Launch Edition. Photo of lenticular and acrylic stand.


The Ultimate Validation!

Additionally, read the testimonial below for a first-hand experience of working with Scanavo.


“The developer is very happy with the box and components”.

“I believe my marketing did blast out. It is actually getting quite some hype and some retailers I have shown the sample/mock up to are praising the quality of the components”.

“It’s most definitely because of the help and advice you and your team has given me”

“By the way I have a few developers who visited us and they have gotten to see in person the launch edition and they were wowed by the quality of it. Especially the lenticular sleeve. I am really appreciative of the help you have rendered to us for this project!”

Bernard Lim
Licensing Manager
Soft Source PTE Ltd Singapore

Soft Source Logo



Thank you Soft Source
for this exciting partnership!

As mentioned earlier, at Scanavo we thrive on challenges, and just because you haven’t seen us do what you need yet, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Therefore our creative lab is always ready for a challenge, and we strive to provide the best service and high-end experience for you and your customers.

Contact Scanavo today and let’s start this journey together. We can’t wait to hear all about your project and work with you to bring your creative visions to life.


Dreadout Launch Edition. Photo of #SURVIVETHEDREAD TOWEL

Dreadout Launch Edition. Photo of #SURVIVETHEDREAD TOWEL