Scanavo at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Scanavo Beauty and Cosmetics Division Showcases Innovative Solutions
Like the patented SteelBook® Palette and the REO Palette



Once again, the fair gave us the chance to meet new and familiar faces, which is always the highlight of these events. It’s always a pleasure to see the faces behind the projects we’ve been working on.

The response we received for our premium solutions, like the patented SteelBook® Palette and the REO Palette, was overwhelming. The SteelBook® Palette stands out for its minimalist Danish design and elegant construction. This patented packaging offers 100% customization for artwork and internal structure. It has an outer metal shell and inner PP shell, with insert options in PET, ABS, EVA, carton, or wood. A magnetic plate allows refillable trays, with four formats available immediately, and bespoke formats requiring additional tooling. Our REO palette features an innovative Scandinavian design, made from tin and cardboard. This unique solution provides 100% customizable inserts and refillable options, along with stunning artwork possibilities, allowing for premium packaging. Furthermore, it’s 100% recyclable.

Additionally, people were genuinely excited about our new samples, particularly noting how unique our solutions in aluminum, Japanese PET, and glass were. It’s clear that what really catches the eye are the products you don’t see every day, and we’re proud to offer those standout pieces.

The flexibility in customizing the inserts exactly how our clients want is something you can’t find just anywhere. Furthermore, the rarity of a palette made of tin not only adds a unique touch but also turns it into a collectible item. This kind of innovation is what we love and strive for.

Speaking of innovation, we’re all about pushing the boundaries of creativity and design in the beauty and cosmetics packaging industry. Our approach is to listen closely to what our clients need and then tailor our services to meet those specific demands. Whether it’s a unique product request or creating new molds, we’re on it. Our goal is to find the solution that aligns with your vision.


REO palette


The networking and potential collaborations that came out of Cosmoprof Bologna were incredibly exciting. It’s always a pleasure to explore new possibilities with both new and familiar companies. This event has sparked numerous projects that we’re already busy working on. The fair is a opportunity for both sides to share insights and discuss potential projects, and we can’t wait to see where these discussions lead us.

Therefor, thank you to everyone who made Cosmoprof Bologna such a wonderful experience. We’re looking forward to what’s next and can’t wait to share our upcoming developments with you. If you have not already, Contact Scanavo today and let’s start this journey together. We can’t wait to hear all about your project and work with you to bring your creative visions to life. We thrive on challenges, and just because you haven’t seen us do what you need yet, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Our team is always ready for a challenge, and we strive to provide the best service and high-end experience for you and your customers.


Scanavo Beauty and Cosmetics division at Cosmoprof