– just the world’s most prestigious and highly-sought after collectible packaging for the Media & Home Entertainment Industry!


Premium class-leading concept. Launched in 2005 as a high-end collectible alternative to the traditional plastic case. An Art Cover of steel, used for Limited Edition
home entertainment releases across formats such as Blu-ray, 4K UHD and Games, and prized by fans and collectors alike for its iconic design.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Before the arrival of the SteelBook® case, the plastic case was a common choice for DVD packaging. The SteelBook® concept revolutionized media packaging. The very first SteelBook® release out there was a Collector’s edition of “Killzone” – just one of the most popular games during the PlayStation 2 era. You might remember it. Hard to get your hands on one of those today.

However, back then, people thought this was just a onetime success. But we proved them wrong. No product like this were ever shown in the industry before 2005,
and no other product as the SteelBook® has survived the digital download of content or has become as successful as the SteelBook® concept
– being not only packaging, but a brand! Don’t blame us for being proud.

In our digital world, we bet you think, “what’s the future in producing physical products?” Let’s reveal the secret: “The future is ‘phygical’”. In the transition from physical to digital, it’s our experience that we still like to own physical things, but: it must be unique and high quality – like the SteelBook® case.


Limited editions. Forever on your shelve.

Part of what makes the SteelBook® brand so desirable is the Limited Edition print runs and customized artworks. The SteelBook® case have a weight, precision and quality that is unlike any other packaging.

Our iconic SteelBook® editions are a highly collectable and treasured product that will stay on home entertainment fans shelves for many years to come, but still comes with its own eco-credentials:

  • The outside of the case is made from metal, which is a strong permanent material that can be endlessly recycled without losing strength or quality.
  • The inner tray is made from 100% Polypropylene and is fully recyclable.

Iconic designs that you love. And metal that makes everything possible!

Across the whole creative process, from ground-breaking innovative ideas on the concept, artwork, and effects through to stunning execution of the final product, we’re on the journey with you all the way. We ensure unique designs for every movie or game, which will last forever in the fans’ hearts.

And not only are the artworks developed uniquely for SteelBook® cases, but they often incorporate unique design attributes that only printing on metal can give.

You can use emboss/deboss to add 3D-effects, play with “the white layer” to make the metal shine or hide and gloss/matte varnish to enhance or mute your colors – each finishing technique has its own way of supporting the artwork and the final SteelBook® case.

Some of the most cherished SteelBook® editions are the ones where several of these finishing techniques are used within their design – Limited only by the imagination.


We collaborate with you.

We work internationally and no project is too big. We provide guidance for you the whole way through and promise a close collaboration all the way from idea to result with quality at heart.

Contact us, and let’s dive into all the details about the SteelBook® concept and start developing unique projects together.